Fluffy Footwear Uggs for Women & Men - Australia, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane & Perth

Ugg boots also known as uggs are an Australian favourite and everyone at some stage in their life will own a pair of the most comfortable footwear available. Fluffy Footwear supports Sansiro Media, Bali providers of Web Design in Bali and Materi Pelajaran TK, and supplier of Bali Baby Hire equipment for Babies, and owner of BukuBuku provider of Xero Accounting in Indonesia. We are also proudly supported by Bali Beginnings Rehab. We sell a boutique range of quality ugg boots and sheepskin apparel. Fluffy Footwear boots are an all Australian style, manufactured and made from 100% Australian sheepskin and we deliver a 100% quality guarantee with all of our ugg boots sold. The Fluffy Footwear range of mens and womens boots comes in a variety of styles and colours, that allow you to choose the style that best suits you and the occasion you are buying them for. You can feel comfortable walking the streets around the world in fashion, or in the comfort of your own home, knowing that you are wearing the most comfortable shoes.

Fluffy Footwear sell our own brand of Sheepskin Ugg Boots, which use only the finest and purest natural wool encompassing the interior with a smooth luxurious exterior to finish. Our sheepskin footwear is made to the highest quality and is made for all weather conditions that you may encounter in your travels around Australia or the world. We offer you great variety with our collection of styles, colours and sizes to suit everyone for any occasion that arises.

Fluffy Footwear Sheepskin Ugg Boots - Comfort Counts

We all know when buying footwear that the most important thing is comfort. Ugg Boots are made from 100% natural materials and have been worn by people for hundreds of years. The natural qualities in the wools sheepskin keep your feet warm on those wintery days, allowing your feet to breathe by wicking away any moisture on those warmer days.

Comfort is a major design feature for boots sold by Fluffy Footwear. We understand the importance of ensuring that our customers get the right fit but at the same time good quality footwear that will last you for years.

Beyond Ugg Australia

Fluffy Footwear has no affiliation with Ugg Australia or Deckers Corporation of the USA.

Fluffy Footwear is 100% Australian owned and operated, supplying only 100% Australian quality sheepskin footwear products. Our range of ugg boots are authentic and made with 100% Australian sheepskin and sheepskin products.

Fluffy Footwear manufacture our own Fluffy Footwear boutique branded Sheepskin Boots.

We sell our own brand of boots globally to places such as New York, London, Paris, Milan, Moscow, Sweden and Los Angeles just to name a few. Our product is designed for your comfort and to cater for all occasions, whether you are in the snow or out in the bush camping. The quality of our footwear is second to none with the natural materials used to assist in keeping your feet warm but also allowing them to breathe. Check out our product catalog today, and select from the finest collection of ugg boots available online. Be the among the elite in wearing the best uggs around!