Tony Raunic

This is just a quick shout out to Tony Raunic, Lawyer and expert legal advisor to a range of clients. Tony was generous enough to assist Fluffy Footwear during a tumultuous time when we encountered a Trademark dispute with overseas holders of the Ugg Boots mark and issues arising from our use of the term Ugg Boots.

The Ugg Boots industry has a long history of legal disputes, and when we needed it Tony Raunic was generous with his time and his legal advice about our situation. The term 'Ugg' and the boots of the same name have a long history dating back to the early 1900s however it was an Australian surfwear brand creator Shane Steadman who popularised the product and the term after registering "Ugh Boots" in the early 1970's. When he sold his company and the rights that went with it to a USA based organisation, their legal team began pursuing these rights in many jurisdictions.

Tony Raunic is an experienced Melbourne lawyer with a background in assisting business and private clients with a diverse range of legal challenges including Property, Contractual and Commercial legal issues. He was perfectly placed to assist Fluffy Footwear with his practical approach and clear guidance on the steps required to both negotiate a sensible resolution to our legal matter while protecting our rights and ability to extricate ourselves from the dispute

The owners of Fluffy Footwear were introduced to Tony Raunic who was able to provide first class, and very practical guidance in relation to these legal issues leading to a satisfactory resolution of issues between Fluffy Footwear and the USA holders of the Ugg mark - so this is just a quick shout out to say thankyou to Tony for assisting us at that time. Thankyou!