Free Worldwide Shipping & Delivery

The following outlines information about our shipping policies. For further information, including refunds and returns, please consult our Customer Service page.

Typically we will use Quantium Solutions for standard parcel delivery to the UK, and Austrlaia Post for standard parcel delivery to all other locations. We use Australia Post Express Courier International for all express deliveries which includes full internet tracking & we will issue full refunds for any lost parcels for express delivery. Depending on your location we may use one of the other providers above, however this will be at our discretion. As these are all trusted International and national postage companies it provides us and you with a secure delivery.

All prices within our website include the cost to ship the parcel to you via International shipping, so you will never need to worry about shipping fees being added during checkout for standard parcel delivery. Once your package ships we will send an email to confirm dispatch with expected delivery timeframes. Some countries however encounter duties, or may experience some delays with customs clearance, but generally this does not occur. When shipping your parcel, we will list your parcel in consignment documentation at the minimum justifiable value (excluding shipping fees) to ensure you do not pay unnecessary customs fees on shipping costs.

Typically orders are sent out of our warehouse within 2 working days. In the unlikely event that dispatch is delayed then you will be notified of the delay within 2 working days of placing hte order, and you will be provided with an Estimated Time of Arrival for dispatch of the goods.

Note: EXPRESS upgrade options are available for $25AUD. This typically ensures delivery to international locations within 3 - 4 working days, and offers an online internet tracking service. For standard international delivery, online tracking is only available to confirm successful / final stage delivery, and often doesn't allow tracking within the domestic postal system of foreign countries.

Typical Delivery Times Frames:

Below are the typical time frames for shipping information to the following countries and regions. Depending on your country, you should allow up to 48 hours for customs processing and clearance, however many locations experience no delays with customs processing.

United Kingdom7-10 Working days
United States5-7 Working days
Canada5-7 Working days
Japan3-4 Working days
Europe (other)7-10 Working days
Central & South America3-10 Working days
Other Countries3-10 Working days